Coaching is not "therapy" because you are not "sick"

I have a proven record for helping couples fix low desire & high conflict marriages!

What Is your marriage worth?  

What will it cost if it doesn't work?

If you are thinking about hiring a lawyer to represent you in divorce hire a lawyer to represent your marriage first!  Better yet- hire me BEFORE you are ready to get divorced!


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About Me

Relationship Coach



 Coaching is an alternative to Marriage Counseling and focuses on enhancing wellness rather than healing the sick and reviewing your childhood trauma.

Sexless or low sex marriages often present with co-occurring infidelity issues.  "My husband cheated" is a sickening realization and something that takes time but the healing can be complete and the marriage can be made even stronger.  I promise.



As a retired lawyer I represented more than 200 divorce clients.  Don't hold it against me but I have experience with  both sides of marriage!  Before you hire a lawyer to get divorced, hire a lawyer to represent you and your marriage.  I help couples turn around bad marriages!



I work with men and couples in troubled relationships.  My book on "Saving a low sex marriage" has helped thousands of men restore the passion, respect, and desire in their marriage.  My complete system incorporates observational data, coaching and self-improvement strategies, pragmatic marriage counseling tactics, Positive Psychology approaches to happiness and well-being, and useful concepts drawn from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 


Dr. Dave Peters, JD, MS, PhD has a stunning variety of experience and education he brings to coaching.  Dave is an attorney who represented over 200 divorce clients in court.  He also holds a doctorate in human social behavior.  As a college professor he taught 52 courses  and published 14 academic papers including a book on sexual behavior in marriage.  He is a Certified Domestic Relations Mediator in Michigan, and a Board Certified Coach Candidate with the International Coaching Federation.


  My low sex marriage had turned into a no sex,  marriage but it all went away once I understood what my wife needed  Charles, 2018

  Dave is the vagina whisperer!   He saved my marriage and now I understand my wife for the first time  Ron, 2017

 As a woman I was really nervous going to a man Coach like Dave.  I was afraid he would not be fair but he definitely was fair.  He is kind of direct and pretty not diplomatic so his style is not for everyone.  He was able to talk guy to guy with my husband and get me the man I wanted.  We are doing really good now.

 Jane, 2018

  I have worked with Dave for more than a year and we do a call every other week.  We figured out how to handle my Borderline Personality wife and then figured out it was not worth it.  Then we figured out how to handle my divorce.  I got everything I wanted, including a younger, prettier, sane girlfriend.  Things really do happen for a reason.  Thanks Dave!  Bob, 2019

 We tried 5 different marriage counselors and spent Ten Thousand Dollars on therapy.  In just a few sessions, the doctor zeroed in and showed us how to fix our sexless marriage.   Sam, 2018 

 I am dumbass and a fool who got caught cheating.  Again.  Then my fiancee kicked me out and started cheating!  Dave helped me win her back.  The wedding is back on this summer!  Jarrod, 2018 

  My husband cheated and the pain of infidelity will never go away but we have been able to start fresh, accept, and trust but verify.  Jill, 2019