There's Still Time To Change The Road You're On


The path forward is well travelled and I can show you the way.  As a Life and Relationships Coach I am your guide, partner, and advocate for positive change in your life and marriage. There are a lot of variables to the long sought after "good marriage equation" but we have finally figured some of it out.  

The main answer centers around the question that motioned by Newton, weighed down Einstein, and ran rings around Galileo.  

What do women want?  

This is certainly a hard problem to wrap your head around!  When you try to figure this out and develop and  implement a personal plan for change at the same time and do it all by yourself it can be pretty hard.  Lots of guys find it is not as easy as reading a few books.  Sometimes you need personal help.  Sometimes you can't decide if you even want to fix it.  Sometimes it can't be fixed.  Sometimes it shouldn't be fixed. 

Every husband and wife and every marriage is different with a unique history but we have identified the weak points in marriage and intimate relationships and we know how to fix them in many cases.  The "cure" always starts with you, the man, stepping up and working it out in his mind that he is the man in charge of and responsible for his family and his life and yes, his wife.

That is what women want.

They want to be with the best man they can get who can take care of them if that becomes necessary.  That means they want you to be the best man that you can be.  

Did you know that was the purpose of all that complaining and all that testing?  You didn't listen to her- or more importantly, you didn't listen to yourself.

The generic solutions for that common scenario are now well known and the plan always includes a healthier lifestyle, leadership and communication skills, and changing some of your perceptions.  We know the solution often takes some dedication, and some time at the gym, and it may take some reading, and experimentation, and even moving out of your comfort zone, but we also know the end product is likely to be a better "you" who is more attractive, and stronger financially, emotionally, and psychologically than you could have built working all alone.


My personal commitment is to work with you to provide a path forward in your marriage along with accountability, direction, and support to you that accomplishes lasting growth, stronger relationships, and a better life.

Together we can figure out how to lead you and your family in a positive direction. 

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