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Coaching help for lawyers


Are you just enduring the stress of legal practice? 

I can help.  As a Life Coach who specializes in working with attorneys struggling with the literal trials of legal practice, I can guide you through the organization and prioritization of your professional and personal life, and help you creatively brainstorm towards your unique path to prosperity, happiness, and satisfaction.

You are not alone!


         As a fellow attorney who practiced law in Michigan for 14 years, I appreciate how difficult it can be and the ubiquity of job dissatisfaction in the profession. 

One survey found that among all professions, the worst job in the country was “Associate Attorney” (Forbes, 2013). This multi- factor survey by a headhunter company even included compensation as a criterion in job satisfaction. Imagine how low they must have rated the other factors to achieve this dubious bottom of the barrel distinction!

I know all about your struggles. I appreciate and understand what you are going through every day because I was sitting right where you are sitting for many years. 


I have been there and I understand!

 Attorneys operating their own business and supervising those unhappy Associates may find even less job satisfaction. Running a company is hard enough but lawyers deal with high pressure conflict in an adversarial environment, ungrateful clients certain their minor legal problem is the most important problem in the world, and a well-documented lack of psychological and emotional support for members of the bar. Employees and turnover, cash flow and shortages, bills, partners, dealing with opposing counsel, managing associates, and the need to always be the leader of your office whether you feel like it or not.  The thousands of minor and major issues that pile up day after day in your law office grind you down.




1. Does health insurance cover Life Coaching?



     Answer:  No, health insurance covers sickness.  Life Coaches work with healthy, creative, whole individuals as mutual partners.  We are trained to identify Clients who need mental health services and often work in conjunction with therapists when necessary.




 Answer:  Life Coaching grew out of the positive psychology movement in the 1990’s.  Psychotherapists and others collaborated to create a program for people who did not need therapy and were not mentally ill but were having problems with life, work, and relationship satisfaction.  Psychotherapy made amazing advances making the sick “functioning” but had almost no luck helping people who were functioning be “happy.”  The Discipline of Life Coaching was born to adapt these methods to fill this obvious gap.

    Life Coaches do not have a doctor/patient model but work as co-equal partners with the Client to identify and develop a plan for the future.  We usually work on the phone with clients in a process similar to Psychoanalytic Therapy, though we rarely explore the same topics!  You know the image- the patient lies on the couch and the Freudian analyst is seated facing away from them.  I always thought this was a little strange but now I understand the analyst is listening for voice changes in tone, pitch, and timbre to identify the important issues to probe.  The difference is largely in substance, not style.

How is Coaching different than Therapy?

Therapists are typically retrospective and often interested in probing early childhood development.

Coaches are prospective and interested in probing the dreams, goals, and ambitions of the client.  We focus on identifying and solving the problems of our clients.  The essence of Coaching is helping Clients see their mental blocks, setting goals, and identifying the solutions that work for them.  

There is certainly some truth to the paradigm that Life Coaching can be conceptualized as “Therapy or Psychoanalysis for the mentally healthy.”  However, the interface between mental health and mental wellness is a bright border we are well trained to navigate.

3. How much does Life Coaching cost?


 Answer:  Life Coaches (much like most attorneys) typically sell 10 - 20 Hour packages that cost $1,000.00 - $6,000.00 up front.

My office follows the therapists and physicians billing practice of paying by the session.  

I charge $150.00 / hour for a 1-hour session.

Clients often purchase multiple sessions as a weekly or biweekly recurring session:

--10% discount for 10 calls ($1,350 saving $150.00 @ $135.00 / Call)

--20% discount for 20 calls ($2,400.00 saving $600.00 @$120.00 / Call)

4. What is the required training to be a Life Coach?

 Answer:  There are few professional standards and just about anybody can hang a shingle and call themselves a “Life Coach.”




     Besides my somewhat extended education as a J.D., M.S. PhD, attorney, author, and teacher, I took 42 hours of coursework at the Institute for Life Coach Training, a founding school in the International Coaching Federation.  I also completed a 6-month mentorship with a Master Coach and licensed psychotherapist. I am waiting to take the Licensing Examination for the prestigious BCC (Board Certified Coach) credential. 


6. what's your experience?




I operated my own law firm in various partnerships from 1993 – 2004 handling general civil and criminal practice in all State and federal courts.

From 2015 - 2017 I was employed as an associate attorney handling “Provider Cases” and representing physicians and medical facilities.



      Besides a Juris Doctor, my education includes a Master of Science in Medicine with a Major in Physiology and a PhD in Human Social Behavior.

       I am an academic gypsy who taught 50+ college courses, published 14 academic papers, and wrote a book on sexual behavior in long term relationships.      


       My signature class is “Law & Society” a graduate school course covering Constitutional Law, Social Theory, comparative legal systems, and the development of law and jurisprudence.



       My book on “Saving a low sex marriage” has helped thousands of men and women with an intractable and distressingly common problem.  

My M.S. Thesis was on Personality Disorders and neuroimaging .

     My PhD Dissertation was a systems analysis of alternative medical care providers in Michigan.  

       My 14 papers include, inter alia proposing the use of neuroimaging in criminal dispositions to predict and reduce recidivism, use of medical marijuana to reduce opiate use, and use of EEG and fMRI to categorize personality disorders .



   I met my cherie in 1990 as a 1L at Wayne State University Law School. We have figured out how to stay married for 26 years.

Personal LIfe


We have two sons and are  members of a Bible Believing Christian Church.  I fancy myself a student of Scripture but my interpretations don't always match the prevailing views.

     My hobbies include weights, bikes, reading everything in sight, & figuring out the grand unified theory of everything.  I am a black belt in karate, love the beach, warm weather, and Orlando, and am a Star Trek Fan and a Space X fanboy.

Life Coach


          I found my true calling at age 50 one late muggy night on the Beach in South Florida after realizing I only liked practicing law and teaching as a college professor because it let me occasionally talk to clients and students and work through their problems. I realized what I really liked to do was work with people to help them solve their real problems, not just the one- dimensional legal issue or academic puzzle. 

           I started classes at the Institute for Life Coach Training just 8 days later.

8. Are you still licensed to practice law in Michigan?

           Answer:   Yes, P-48648.  


9. Do you still practice law?

Answer: No!  I still appear in court occasionally, cover cases for other attorneys, and consult on complicated legal issues with clients and other lawyers.  However, 100% of my effort is now spent providing Professional Coaching for attorneys & Marriage Coaching for Men and the Women who love them.

10. Anything further to add?

      Life Coaching is not for everybody but when it works, it really works so let me end this FAQ with a story:


      My first memory as a very young child was of Apollo 16 achieving lunar orbit.  I vividly remember the ABC News special report interrupting our show and my mom gasping that it probably had something bad to do with the (Vietnam) war.  I remember the close-up pictures of the Moon coming up on the screen instead and feeling so safe and powerful.  We did that!  Anything is possible.  

     That is the magic of Coaching.  If you can imagine it.  We can achieve it.

Reusable Rockets Land at Cape Canaveral  After Mars Mission

Reusable Rockets Land at Cape Canaveral After Mars Mission

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