Life and Marriage Coaching For Men, and the Women Who Want Them.

Supportive Journey

As a Life and Relationships Coach I am your guide, partner, and advocate for positive change in your life and marriage. ...

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I'm Here For You

My goal is to help you imagine and design your life.  I collaborated on the controversial book for men in relationships:  Saving a Low Sex Marriage...

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My Background

Dr. Peters took a different path than many "Life Coaches" who hang a shingle but have no advanced degrees or even Life Coach Training!  I was a divorce attorney before I went back to graduate school and...

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What Is Coaching?

Coaching has been described as "therapy for mentally healthy people" but a Coaching session is not at all like psychotherapy...Read More

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Married Red Pill Basic Course

Purchase the book Saving a Low Sex Marriage:  A Man's Guide to Dread, Seduction, and the Long Game.  Watch the Professor's free 20 part MRP basic course (12 minute youtube videos).  He has some fantastic book reviews and covers various topics such as Unplugging from the Matrix, Handling Female Tests, Wife Seduction, and Holding Your Frame In Marriage.

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